neon tangerine
The future belongs to the hungry


We are the agency of record for the good-food revolution.


We are Neon Tangerine. 

We exist to build a more just, sustainable and delightful future. We do that by partnering with bright, bold, forward-looking brands who are changing the way people produce and eat food, helping them to tune into their purpose, better tell their stories and forge more meaningful relationships with consumers.

We aren't a cookie-cutter agency. 

We believe in putting purpose at the center of everything we do. It's the gospel we preach to our clients, and it's something we strive to live up to each and every day. We want to leave the world a better place than we found it, and we want to have a singular explanation for what we did while we were here.

We aren't prescriptive problem solvers. 

We are strategists and storytellers. We ask questions. Lots of them. We don't settle for half-baked answers or shoddy plans. We relish in breaking format, upending conventions and brokering unlikely friendships. We're likely to surprise you. There might even be balloons.


Our Services

We are sticklers for process and our team of strategists and creatives can go toe-to-toe with the most skilled of tacticians. However, it is our focus on strategy and our willingness to push the envelope, both for ourselves and our clients, that differentiates us. We're small and nimble enough to give each and every client the hands-on attention and fresh perspective they deserve. Interested in traditional PR services? We can do that. Want us to engineer a working hedonometer and place it in the middle Times Square?  We're down for that, too. 


Brand Audits

Brand Strategy & Positioning 

Tone of Voice & Copywriting

Brand & Product Naming


Packaging Design 

Art Direction

Mock-ups & Visualisation

Artwork & Production

Communications Strategy

Brand Activation

Branded Environments & Point of Sale

Brand Guidelines & Guardianship


The future belongs to the hungry. 

We're starving. What about you?