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Pensacola Bay Oyster Company

Brand Strategy, Grant Writing, Production, Public Relations, Social Media

How we helped a fledgling aquaculture startup tune into its purpose and dominate the market - in less than six months.



Pensacola Bay Oyster Co. is an off-bottom oyster farm located in our hometown of Pensacola, Florida. 

When owner Don McMahon first began working with us, in the summer of 2017, he had just harvested his first crop of oysters. A Pensacola native and career insurance executive, McMahon had big ambitions to revive the historic, but long-dead East Bay oyster fishery using modern aquaculture techniques. 

He asked for our help in mapping out a brand strategy and telling his farm's story to consumers and the media. 


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In our first six months working with Pensacola Bay Oyster Co., we helped refine their purpose and positioning, doubled down on their social media output and sought out brand partnerships that would help them grow their presence outside of the local market. 

We also helped them weather a big crisis. In July of 2017, historic rainfall killed 80 percent of McMahon's first harvest. 

Instead of viewing it as a setback, however, we seized it as an opportunity - to tell their story, double down on their larger purpose (improving water quality in Pensacola Bay) and forge deeper connections with consumers. 

That strategy paid off, resulting in a volley of positive press and social engagement.

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With our help, Pensacola Bay Oyster Co. won a $100,000 innovation grant, with which they plan to build a hatchery. We also helped them become one of only 40 finalists in Fish 2.0, a global business competition focused on seafood innovation, which we brought to the Southeast in 2017. 

Our strategic media outreach resulted in more than three dozen bylined stories in local, regional and national publications including National Geographic, the Tampa Bay Times and Coastal Living. These stories reached a combined audience of more than 4.8 million readers. 

During this same period, our team increased the farm's audience on social media by 25 percent and dramatically increased engagement. We accomplished all this in only six months.  

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